Android POS LYNX-N900

LYNX-350R creatively provides the latest commercial mobile payment solution, integrated with the most excellent ICC PIN entry functions in payment industry, specially designed for micro-merchants. This product mainly focuses on new payment methods and services in order to make ease of access for end-users and create competitive advantages for banks.




•  Embedded pin pad

•  Connecting via Bluetooth, USB

•  PCI 4.0 certified

•  Meet the standard of domestic and international payment industries.

•  Supports IOS, Android and Windows phone

•  Multiple payment methods: Supports magnetic stripe cards, IC cards and contactless IC cards

LYNX-450R is a user-friendly POS terminal tailored for privately or individually-owned businesses and small-sized businesses in wholesale market. Connecting mobile phones through Bluetooth, it can access to payment backend via 3G Network or Mobile Internet to support the processing of multiple bank cards.




•  Compatible with iPhone, Android, PAD and other intelligent terminals with standard Bluetooth interface

•  Supporting USB-based communication to facilitate the acquiring business in PC environment

•  Built-in encrypted security chip and physical password keyboard to effectively protect clients’ information

    including personal payment password and card number

•  Small, compact and portable, operable in various mobile situations

•  PCI 4.0 certified

•  Multiple payment methods: Supports magnetic stripe cards, IC cards and contactless IC cards

LYNX POS PDA W10 is a versatile EMV & PCI compliant handheld payment terminal. It's open software platform plus rich hardware features including NFC, 2D barcode, iBeacon and biometric enables great solutions for merchants.



Great User Experience                                                               Wireless

        •     Ruggedized design                                                                   •     GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000

        •     Long battery life                                                                        •     WiFi

        •     Color display with multi-touch                                                •     Bluetooth


Versatile                                                                                       •  Secure & Open

        •     Camera                                                                                      •     Dedicated secure chip

        •     Fingerprint                                                                                  •      Secure booting

        •     iBeacon                                                                                      •     Customized app store

        •     NFC                                                                                             •      PCI PTS compliant

        •     1D & 2D barcode

LYNX Android POS N900 Main Features


Stylish Appearance: State-of-the-art smart mobile POS with complete color touch screen, small and exquisite, easy to carry.


High intelligent: Android OS based to enable rapid development and loading of customized value-added software applications intelligent interactivity to support seamless payment connected with industry applications.


Full-Function: All-in-one smart mobile terminal with innovative multifunction of all card payments, NFC, 1D/2D barcode and sound wave payment. Equipped with QR code reader module on top, and 5 Megapixels camera at the bottom.


Exceptional security: PCI 4.X, EMV, PBOC, Union Pay intelligent POS terminal safety certified; equipped with multiple tamper protection and self-destruction mechanism.

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